KTL Group has been helping organizations secure their assets for over 12 years. KTL is well versed in delivering timely, secure, manageable security solutions. Leveraging its real world experience and its relationships with key players in the security space, KTL is able to offer complete security solutions for any project ranging from secure code, to secure networks and secure systems all the way to setup and operations of complete Security Operation Centers.

KTL has a thorough and unique understanding of technologies, protocols, roles, responsibilities, processes and guidelines and how they interact with each other. Due to its experience in each of these areas, KTL is positioned to be a key partner in rolling out any service or project in a secure fashion that will leave the customer empowered with a solution they understand and can manage on their own.

KTL will not leave you with a ‘black box’ solution that relies on security through obscurity and other faulty foundations. What follows are a few specific areas of expertise and how KTL can best help you accomplish your goals.

“KTL Group is able to offer complete security solutions for any project ranging from secure code, to secure networks and secure systems all the way to setup and operations of complete Security Operations Centers.”

Firewall / VPN

KTL has been deploying, managing, and providing on-the-job knowledge transfer for firewall solutions for over 10 years. Focusing on Checkpoint, Cisco, McAfee and Fortinet products, KTL has delivered firewall solutions for national government departments, central banks and key players in the resource sector. KTL’s latest successes are at Citizenship and Immigration and a major financial institution. At Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Checkpoint and Cisco solutions were deployed to migrate a legacy single point of access system to a complex and integrated secure perimeter that supports a national user base and provides logged, audited and controlled access to the Internet and other government departments. Furthermore, this solution leverages KTL’s knowledge of Government guidelines to deliver a zoned solution that meets all of the GSP requirements.

In the financial sector, KTL Group was able to assist in the deployment of Cisco and McAfee solutions to protect key central banking systems as well as research zone where innovations on Canada and the world’s economy are hatched and developed. Leveraging its keen grasp of Internet technologies, KTL has been deploying secure, structured, manageable VPN solutions for clients for over 11 years. As part of a greater secure perimeter, KTL configured, deployed and managed a VPN solution for a national user base at Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The solution leveraged the Federal Certificate registry and allowed users certificate based, 2 factor authentication. KTL Group’s  latest VPN accomplishment is in implementing a secure SSL vpn for access into a key central banking system. This Cisco implementation was deployed across many financial institutions and required critical technical know-how to implement as well as polished people and technical skills to ensure smooth deployment of the solution into 3rd party networks. The extent of the success of this solution demonstrates KTL Group’s commitment to completing technically and politically complex tasks on time and on budget for all of its clients as well as its responsibility in shepherding the reputation of its clients in front of their clients.


As IPS and NAC grew out of their infancy, KTL was positioned to help this technology take hold as a mainstay of the ‘defense in depth’ strategy for its federal government clients. KTL Group has successfully deployed multiple IPS and NAC implementations across the federal government space and the financial sector.

KTL Group has previously helped the Federal Government design, install and implement a Secure Access Zone with IPS as a key component of that solution. The SAZ was built following all government guidelines on zoning and traffic segregation. Our latest implementation of a IPS/NAC solution is in the financial sector, based on the McAfee suite of products KTL was key in implementing a host and network based IPS solution that was integrated with the NAC appliance through EPO. KTL has also been involved with Cisco implementations of NAC within the financial sector.


Part of securing your enterprise from the Internet is reducing the attack surface that your organization presents. It is often the case that users are unaware of the latest security threats and as attackers become more sophisticated, malicious sites are becoming more difficult to easily identify to the average user. Proxies in combination with web-filtering and content scanning can be an integral part of protecting your user community all the while making the best use of your resources.

KTL Group has extensive Proxy solution experience with products ranging from open-source (squid) to commercial (Microsoft ISA, McAfee, Cisco, Checkpoint). KTL Group has been involved in many implementations of proxies and reverse proxies that leverage Anti-virus, and Anti-malware solutions in both inline and non-inline modes.

ITSG Zoning

KTL Group has comprehensive knowledge of Federal Government zoning requirements as well as industry best practice zoning to help provide security through defense in depth methodologies and practices. Leveraging our knowledge in the above key areas, KTL Group strives to ensure that all its solutions follow industry and federal best practice for security zoning and sensitivity of information.

Security Zoning is at the core of any KTL Group solution and we thoroughly understand the requirement for data classification as well as the implementation of different security postures and associated technologies to deal with different threat levels and attack vectors. KTL Group views security as an integral part of every solution, not as an add on to be looked at after the fact or separately. KTL Group  has provided some specific zone implementations at Citizenship and Immigration Canada as well as at customers in the financial sector.

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