Business Transformation

KTL Group has been involved in many business transformation activities and consulting engagements where we have assisted our clients in dealing with the role technology can play in the long term corporate strategy. Change Management in the area of technology is not easy, but very important part of today’s business challenges. Our team can help you with business transformations challenges as it relates to information management and information technology. The driving principles at KTL Group are service excellence, innovation and value to our customers.

Our team members have been involved in enterprise architecture, process development, process mapping. Typically these engagements have included:

  • Business strategy
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Process optimization
  • Change management activities
  • Guidance on organizational realignments
  • Training
  • Coordination
  • Facilitation of executive meetings and discussions
  • Governance and development of project controls

Project Management

KTL Group is privileged to have within the team several Project Management Professionals (PMP) that are experienced in applying project management principles. Our team has managed many information management and information technology based project using common project management methodologies within the public and private sector environments.

License Management

KTL Group provides a service to provide a detailed inventory and analysis of software licenses. This service provides a detailed report which is shared with our clients only. Within our reports are detailed inventory of existing licenses currently in use and the distribution of these licenses within the organization from all vendors listed in the client agreement. A mapping to software license agreements and IT governance is detailed within the analysis portion of the report.

The license management study will begin with interviews and data gathering activities. Data is compiled and correlated to the business objectives with a mapping to the IT strategy for the organization. In the final section of the report, a series of recommendations are provided in the best use of existing licenses and means to attain greater value, efficiencies, and cost savings.

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