Fixlet Factory Overview

IBM® Endpoint Manager is a suite of products that provides a fast and intuitive solution for compliance, endpoint, and security management and allows organizations to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints through a single infrastructure, a single console, and a single agent. IBM Endpoint Manager Platform provides a comprehensive multi-layered technology that can act as part of an organization’s global IT infrastructure. Fixlet Factory Overview The platform is a dynamic, content driven system that can be configured to deliver messages, manage IT assets and enforce configuration compliance to standards such as PCI and PHIPPA. The platform can manage physical and virtual assets over private or public networks. Managed assets can include server, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and advanced IT equipment that can be parameterized.

The KTL Group has been delivering IT management services for over 17 years and has developed a set of core expertise in delivering IBM Endpoint manager implementations. In the many client deployments, The KTL Group has built a strong inventory of successful Endpoint Manager Fixlets. In the IBM Endpoint Manager product, a Fixlet is an instruction set that contains code that the IBM Endpoint Manager agents on target systems use to assess their status, identify issues, such as vulnerability or a lack of compliance with a policy rule, and take corrective actions to resolve. Our team has developed a core competency in the area of rapid development of FixLet along with many highly successful deployments. Our proven deployment methodology and ability to build complex FixLets for the entire EndPoint Manager Product suite provides reliable and predictable deployments of the IBM EndPoint Manager products.

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