About KTL Group

We specialize in building lasting relationships based on knowledge, trust and leadership. We excel at implementing solutions that provide the right fit for each client, solutions that incorporate latest technologies, systems and processes as well as industry best practices. We believe that every KTL Group engagement requires a holistic approach to provide value in the long, short and medium term focusing on cyclical approach rather than cause and effect. We train our staff and partners to look beyond the issues at hand whenever possible. KTL Group is your strategic partner for your IM & IT future.

Founded in Ottawa, Ontario

KTL Group Inc. has been providing IT solutions for over 17 years. We harness our unique approach to user needs and pull in all available resources to arrive at solutions that put customer needs and your satisfaction first and foremost. We believe in delivering the highest possible quality in every engagement.

“We are an IT Professional Services and Solutions company who believes, that above all else, customer satisfaction must drive everything we do, think and implement.”

KTL Group was founded in 1997 by Matthew Harding. The company origins were based in providing technical training services on complex technologies. As the business evolved, the natural growth of the company led to the expansion into the area of IT services. KTL Group began focusing on aligning its services with the needs of business with a set of practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) with a strong focus on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

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