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As one of KTL Group’s  founding pillars, system solutions are part of our core competencies. KTL Group cut its teeth providing systems expertise for many client solutions including HP-UX, AIX, Solaris and Red Hat. KTL Group is capable of providing Unix and Windows system expertise to support any project or solution. As part of KTL Group’s wholistic approach, systems integration, design, development and management are key building blocks to any overall solution. An application that runs on systems that are not optimally configured suffers intermittent and hard to diagnose problems. We at KTL Group understand the value of a good, solid, secure system build and how the time spent properly configuring the foundation of a solution pays dividends throughout the life of the project and beyond.

“KTL is capable of providing Unix and Windows system expertise to support any project or solution”


KTL Group prides itself on its integral knowledge of Unix’ inner workings. Whether it be AIX, Sun or Red Hat KTL Group is well positioned to make any Unix system behave as required for its clients. KTL Group has extensive and in-depth Unix knowledge as demonstrated by its recent implementation of an entirely Solaris based environment for a financial sector client that included SUN Clusters supporting Oracle and LDOMS for optimization of hardware. KTL Group has also been involved in major P-series implementations for RCMP and is currently engagement in a significant LPAR deployment for Loblaws which numbers in the hundreds.


KTL Group is knowledgeable in the Windows space. KTL Group has worked with many server grade Windows systems in its history, including Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. Its most recent involvement with Windows based system solutions is with its secure perimeter engagement at Citizenship and Immigration Canada. KTL Group was able to help CIC build multiple solutions that rely on Windows environments including ISA 2000, ISA 2004 and ISA 2006 proxies; McAfee IPS management servers; and a Netscout Sniffer network forensics solution.

Systems Management

The team at KTL has strong roots in systems deployments and even deeper roots in Unix and Linux solutions. However, deployed systems that cannot grow with the needs of the client and cannot be managed once they are in production are of very limited value. We at KTL believe that every deliverable must be manageable by the client once the engagement is over. We believe that if the implemented system or solution is not manageable by the client then it is of limited value.

We have experience with a number of system management and monitoring solutions, including but not limited to, Tivoli, HP Network Node Manager, and What’s Up Gold. Furthermore we have extensive experience in developing custom monitoring scripts for integration into existing monitoring systems.

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