KTL Group has been involved in data center design, planning, and implementation since our inception. Our senior team leaders are experienced in designing or re-designing data centers from the ground up. Our experience has seen us involved in all elements of data centers including:

  • Physical Access Controls
  • Workable ITIL based operational solutions (Problem, Change, Configuration management) including automation, operational and maintenance processes, schedules and procedures and document management
  • Accreditation / High Availability / Internal and External Business Resumption
  • Refurbishing and Construction – Modular design, environmental envelopes, minimal or no change disruption
  • Floor layout for server, communications, HVAC, zoning, cabling, power and maintenance requirements all including growth projections and zoning/security enabling
  • Continuous power (Hydro Network, Hydro feeds, Redundant UPS and Generators)
  • Project Management to support implementation
  • Ground work to consolidate requirements:
    1. Application Profiles (existing and planned business needs) and growth plans
    2. Existing Configuration Base Line
    3. Application Interdependencies and availability requirements
    4. Technology trend input and analysis
    5. Infrastructure growth plan including floor space, HVAC, servers, communications, operations and more
    6. Operations plan / staffing / training / supporting technology / security
    7. Target Configuration Baseline
    8. Total cost of Ownership business case development including growth plan
    9. Project Definition and Approval documentation



KTL Group has been involved in many network implementations, assessments and general optimization. At KTL Group we understand that the network impacts everything and without a good underlying infrastructure applications and systems can exhibit intermittent and hard to diagnose issues that undermine the end value of those solutions. As part of our wholistic view, we believe that a strong robust network is part of any solution. We take pride in our knowledge of network patterns, protocols and pathing algorithms. We have proven experience with Cisco, 3COM and Nortel switches and routers as well as in depth knowledge of bandwidth management and optimization solutions including Bluecoat (formerly Packeteer), Netscout (Formerly Sniffer), F5, Checkpoint, Cisco, and others.

Apart from network deployment and optimization, KTL Group is also very familiar and knowledgeable in network troubleshooting and assessments. We are capable of advising and planning deployments of a multitude of technologies from bandwidth management to network infrastructure. Furthermore we have the capacity to act on those deployment plans and implement what we recommend. Our knowledge and abilities come from real world experience in key technology deployments in the federal government and private sector space.

We understand governmental infrastructure including secure channel and its multiple components. We are able to use our knowledge of how things ‘fit together’ to provide resolution to long standing intermittent network problems. We pride ourselves on solving issues and root cause analysis that leads to real solutions as opposed to ‘hiding the problems with bandwidth’. When you understand your network, you have a strong foundation and an unprecedented ability to have confidence in what is delivered and the infrastructure over which delivery takes place.

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