Enterprise Content Management

KTL Group has a rich background working with enterprise content management technologies. All ECM platforms are not fit for all environments.

Our team has architected, developed, and implemented various content solutions. Traditional public sector environments are faced with information management guidelines imposing strict information management policies. Traditional file classification approaches have not been typically well received by the average user. Current trends see the implementations of functional file classification system. New approaches in the deployment of complex workflow engines open the opportunity to integrate the records management functions into the business systems and automated workflow processes.

Electronic document management has evolved beyond simply providing a structured storage environment for unstructured data. Content preparation has extended to the management and approval cycles for production data such as web site content, eLearning online services, production support documentation, change orders, etc.

A successful approach to enterprise content management is to begin the journey to managing your information by first defining an end state for your content then proceeding to the architecture of the system. At which point the technology selection needs not only need to meet the functional requirements but also the general IT strategy of the organization.

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